We've compiled a list of FAQs below to answer your most common questions.
We will be adding to this list over time.

If you can't see your question answered below, please contact our F45 team on f45training@glofox.com and a member of the team will be happy to help you.

The Glofox software rates should have been shared with you by email from F45. If you are unsure about anything related to Glofox fees, please contact us on f45training@glofox.com.

You will not be charged for Glofox until your account is fully migrated, ie after the 3 week migration process is completed. We suggest that you notify Mindbody of your intention to cancel your account as soon as you start the migration process. This will ensure that you won’t be charged again and you won’t be paying for two systems at the same time.

Credit and debit card processing services are provided by Glofox Payments. Glofox Payments is part of the Glofox platform and is powered by Stripe. Stripe is a leading global online payment provider. Your Glofox Payments account is created from your Glofox dashboard and can be up and running accepting payments in a matter of hours. The Glofox team will guide you through this and answer any questions you have.  

Direct Debits and ACH are provided by Go Cardless. GoCardless and Glofox have built a seamless integration which allows your members to sign up for direct debits in a few steps via the F45 website and Glofox F45 Mobile App. Your direct debit account is setup through Go Cardless and the Go Cardless support team are there to assist you every step of the way.

The payment processing rates should have been shared with you by email from F45. If you are unsure about anything related to payment processing, please contact us on f45training@glofox.com

The migration process will take 3 weeks in total for each studio. You can view an example migration timeline with action items here.

The main actions items for franchisees are as follows:

  1. Attend webinars on your allocated dates to receive all the information you need about the migration process and to ask any questions you have.

  2. Send out information to your members regarding the transition and import of payment information to Glofox. Glofox will provide you with all the necessary templates that you need.

  3. Review the membership, payment and contract dates that are being migrated to ensure everything is correct.

We have created a full course for F45 franchises which includes tutorial videos on all aspects of Glofox. The course takes about 1-2 hours to complete. You will be sent a link for this in advance of going live on Glofox.

We will also be hosting dedicated webinars on Glofox where you will be able to ask specific questions to our dedicated F45 team. Webinars will be hosted daily and recordings will also be available to watch at any time.

Webinar titles listed below:

  1. Intro to Migration Process and next steps

  2. Payment Providers and Memberships

  3. Class schedule and booking settings

  4. Member communications and third-party integrations

  5. Day to Day Operations / Pre – Go-Live Checklist

Glofox has a dedicated F45 Support Team in each timezone who are available to you 24 / 7. This team understands the F45 business model and have been working with over 200 F45 franchisees already.

Every F45 Studio will also have a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to assist you during the migration. This person is your direct point of contact in Glofox.  In week 2 of the migration plan, you can book in for a 121 call with your CSM and as many as you need after that.

Please contact us on f45training@glofox.com and introduce us to them using your F45 email. We will make sure they are fully trained up on the system and that they are full involved in the migration process.

Please note that we have already started discussions with Oxigen Business Consulting.

Since the commencement of the F45 / Glofox partnership, Glofox (with direct input from F45) has been creating a lead management system purpose built for the fitness studio model. The lead management feature has been tested in a number of F45 studios globally with feedback given to the Glofox development team every step of the way. This functionality exceeds anything that is available currently in the market and initial results show much higher conversion rates for studios that use it.

If you currently use a third-party marketing automation system like Loyalsnap or Gym Leads you will be able to continue using that system. Glofox is already talking to the main suppliers in the market to ensure that their integration with Glofox works the same as their integration with Mindbody.

If you want to check that your provider is on the list, please email us on f45training@glofox.com.

All member data will be transferred securely in accordance will all relevant data protection laws from the Mindbody system to the Glofox system.

On a specific day in the process, you Members will be sent a link to the glofox web portal where they have to enter the details of their preferred payment method, ie credit/debit card or direct debit.  Once they enter their details, we will then replicate their membership plan and billing frequency from Mindbody on Glofox. This account will be assigned the correct membership and payment plan and your members will instantly be able to book classes in your studio via the Glofox system.

Members on class packs will be migrated to Glofox with the correct number of visits remaining.

No, but you will have access to your Glofox system in advance while you are still using Mindbody for training and setup purposes. You will not have to run your business in both systems at any stage. There will be a specific date where membership payments and the schedule ends in Mindbody and starts in Glofox.

Please contact our F45 team on f45training@glofox.com and a member of the team will be happy to help you.